3.2 How to Send Code Snippets in Microsoft Teams Chat: A Step-by-Step Guide for Developers and Programmers

how to share formatted code snippets in microsoft teams

In this post, we’re focusing on a feature that will excite developers, programmers, and anyone who works with code: sending code snippets in Teams Chat. The code snippet feature allows you to share pieces of code in a well-formatted, easy-to-read manner, making collaboration and problem-solving smoother than ever. Let’s dive into the steps to send code snippets on both desktop and mobile, along with some handy tips.

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Sending Code Snippets on Desktop:

Step 1: Open Microsoft Teams and navigate to the chat where you want to share a code snippet.

Step 2: Below the text box where you type your message, click the “Format” button (an ‘A’ with a paintbrush).

Step 3: In the text formatting toolbar that appears, click on the “{ }” icon to open the “Code Snippet” window.

Step 4: You can type or paste your code in this window. You can also select the language of your code from the dropdown menu, which will apply the appropriate syntax highlighting.

Step 5: Once you’ve entered your code, click “Insert” to add it to your message. You can add additional text if desired, then press ‘Enter’ to send the message.

Sending Code Snippets on Mobile:

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Microsoft Teams mobile app does not support the code snippet feature like the desktop version. However, you can still share code by simply typing or pasting it into the text box. Remember to notify your recipients that you’re sharing code and suggest viewing it on the desktop for better readability.

Extra Tips and Tricks:

    1. Syntax Highlighting: Teams automatically applies syntax highlighting to your code when you select a programming language in the “Code Snippet” window. This makes it easier to read and understand the code.

    1. Line Numbers: The “Code Snippet” window also includes line numbers for your code. This is especially useful when discussing specific parts of the code with your team.

    1. Escape Special Characters: If you’re sharing code that includes special characters that could be interpreted as markdown syntax (like asterisks or underscores), encase your code within backticks (`) to ensure it’s displayed correctly.

    1. Use Comments: You can add comments to your code snippet to provide context or explanations, making it easier for your teammates to understand your code.

    1. Copying Code Snippets: Recipients of your message can easily copy your code snippet by clicking on the “Copy” button when they hover over the code snippet in your message.

Using code snippets in Microsoft Teams Chat is an excellent way to share, review, and discuss code with your team. It promotes effective collaboration and makes problem-solving a breeze. So the next time you want to share a piece of code, remember to use the code snippet feature in Teams Chat. Happy coding!

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