How we use an AI Tool to build more AI Tools (with zero coding!)

Have you ever wanted to build your own AI-powered tools but don't know how to code? Well, yesterday, I was playing with our Collab365 Toolbelt and  discovered a nifty little trick that lets me create new custom AI tools with zero coding required!

This can be quite hard to wrap your head around, so here's an analogy:

Imagine if you built a "Lego Man" who, once completed, could design and build new Lego sets for you. You describe the type of set you want, and your Lego robot assembles it for you out of bricks. No instruction manual required!

This is similar to what I did with AI last night in the Toolbelt.

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In this video, I show how you can use an AI tool (let's call it the "meta" tool) to help you generate the code blocks you need for new AI tools.

an ai tool that creates new ai tools

an ai tool that creates new ai tools

Here's how it works:

The meta tool understands the code I use for my app's forms (a new PCF Control I built). So I can describe to it the type of form I want to build and it will generate the "form" and "prompt" to use in a completely new AI tool!

To test it out, I asked it to make a quiz building tool. I gave it some basic criteria like having multiple choice questions, different difficulty levels, and being for either kids or seniors.

The meta tool came back with the full code schema I needed for a customizable quiz builder. All I had to do was copy and paste it into my app. Now I have a tool that can generate quizzes on any topic!

collab365 quiz tool created by another tool

collab365 quiz tool created by another tool

It's like having a robot assistant that builds me toys out of code blocks! No coding skill required from me.

The possibilities here are endless. I can continue using this meta tool to generate custom AI tools for all kinds of uses. It's a game changer for harnessing the power of AI without needing to be a programmer.

Let me know if you try this trick yourself! I'd love to see what kinds of creative AI tools you come up with.

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