Collab365 Toolbelt Update: We now have dynamic Power Apps Forms and AI Integration

I'm excited to share an update on the progress I've made on the Collab365 Toolbelt. In this latest update, I have added a new dynamic form component that allows creating forms on the fly based on JSON schema passed in.

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The form as JSON:
the form defined in json
The form in Power Apps:
json form dynamic control

This new form control syncs everything you do based on the JSON schema, passing the form output as JSON that can be used in Power Apps and Power Automate. As an example, I showed how you could easily add a new field to a form by modifying the JSON schema, without needing to change anything in Power Apps.

The dynamic forms have great potential for use cases like surveys, quizzes, and business forms. I am planning on creating a second tool to build the "JSON form", completely removing the need for developers to build custom forms.In the video, I also discussed progress on integrating AI tools like ChatGPT into the Toolbelt. The new form control makes it easy to pass user input as a prompt to AI APIs. I'm using a single "master" Power Automate flow that calls child flows for each AI tool, passing the prompt and getting the AI response back.This avoids needing multiple duplicate flows for every tool. The child flows handle sending the prompt to AI and returning the response. The master flow stores results in SharePoint and returns conversation IDs to Power Apps so responses can be displayed.

Looking ahead, I want to train AI tools on our own data to improve prompts, and make the child flow process more dynamic without needing a switch statement. I'm excited to keep improving the Toolbelt after my upcoming vacation, with a focus on adding AI capabilities!Let me know if you have any other questions on the progress. I appreciate you following along on this development journey!

Watch the video for a quick into to the JSON Form I've built for the Collab365 Toolbelt. PCF Components are incredibly powerful! If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to join the Collab365 Academy.

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