How I just got AI to create a dynamic Power Apps form simply by chatting to it!

Every business is searching for ways to streamline its processes. For those of us running training academies, like Collab365, the challenge is even more pronounced. We grapple with countless manual tasks daily, and every small, tedious task adds up. Historically, creating individual screens for every form demanded a developer's touch, making the process both time-consuming and expensive.

Consider the monotony: every time we needed a new form screen, we'd have to go through the development process, all over again. It's like building a new wall from scratch every time you want to change the wallpaper. Not only does it drain resources, but it also slows down adaptability.

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Collab365 Toolbelt now gets a AI-Powered Form Builder:

Now, imagine if walls could reshape and redecorate themselves based on mere suggestions. This is precisely what we're doing at Collab365 with the integration of AI, especially with the help of OpenAI. Our Collab365 Toolbelt, which hopefully, you have followed so far, is on the cusp of an internal revolution.

The goal is straightforward: automate as much as possible.

How It Works:

Yesterday, I unveiled my newest update: a dynamic form builder powered by JSON. Instead of building every form manually, we just describe the form in JSON and it creates the form in Power Apps. It’s magic in action! Currently, we’ve got templates for text boxes, drop-down lists (or selects), checkboxes, and even date-time pickers.

Today, I took it one step further, I managed to get AI to create the form (which creates the JSON) for me, simply be chatting to it!

dynamic staff opinion survey in power apps

dynamic staff opinion survey in power apps

This is the Prompt: A Staff opinion survey that asks staff their birthday, whether they have holiday booked and thoughts on canteen food, boss, work life balance, work colleagues, salary and at least 10 more questions that are normally in these kind of things.

This isn't just about forms. The underlying idea is to use AI as a digital assistant to craft tools for us. Just describe the tool, and let AI create it. It's like having a clay mould that reshapes itself based on whispered instructions. And the recent breakthrough? We can now get AI to craft an entire form for us based on simple descriptions. For instance, if we need a 'staff opinion survey' covering various topics like remote working, canteen food, or even work-life balance, the AI will dynamically generate it for us. And yes, it can even add a touch of humor if needed!

Behind the Scenes:

For those curious about the nitty-gritty, here's a peek: Our 'run' button integrates with a process that calls Power Automate. This process captures the AI's response (or the generated form) and ties it back into our system. We've trained OpenAI to understand our code and the schemas we need. It’s a perfect dance between code and cognition.

Why It’s a Game-Changer:

The implications of this are vast. Think about how much time and resources we can save by merely describing what we need and letting AI handle the construction. Plus, the flexibility to adapt and change becomes instantaneous. Want to lighten the mood? Ask the AI to rephrase questions with humor. Want to add a new field? Just describe it. The AI integrates these instructions seamlessly.

Wrapping Up:

To sum up, the Collab365 Toolbelt, powered by AI, is reshaping how we approach form creation and other developmental tasks. It's no longer about manual building, but more about 'describing' and 'crafting' through AI. This dynamic approach is not just a time saver, but it’s also an innovation enabler. For all my fellow developers and businesses out there, it’s time to think about how AI can be intertwined with your processes. The future is here, and it’s automated!

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