How to Set Up SSO Between WordPress and Microsoft Teams (Azure AD)

Single Sign-On (SSO) integration between WordPress and Microsoft 365 is a game-changer for organizations using Thrive Apprentice as their Learning Management System (LMS). In this post, we provide a step-by-step guide to configuring SSO using the WPO365 plugin and Azure Active Directory (AD), enhancing both security and user experience.

Why do we need Single Sign-on between Microsoft Teams and WordPress?

Here are the key benefits of enabling single sign-on (SSO) between WordPress and Microsoft Teams:

  1. Seamless User Experience: With SSO, users can access your WordPress-based LMS (powered by Thrive Apprentice) using their existing Microsoft 365 credentials. This eliminates the need for users to remember multiple sets of login details, providing a smoother and more streamlined experience.
  2. Centralized Identity Management: By leveraging Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) for SSO, you can manage user identities and access rights centrally within your Microsoft 365 environment. This simplifies user management and ensures that access to your LMS is automatically granted or revoked as employees join or leave your organization.
  3. Enhanced Security: SSO with Azure AD adds an extra layer of security to your LMS by requiring users to authenticate through Microsoft's secure authentication platform. This reduces the risk of unauthorized access and ensures that only authorized users can access your courses and learning materials.
  4. Improved User Adoption: The convenience of SSO can lead to higher user adoption rates for your LMS. Users are more likely to engage with a system that they can access using their existing Microsoft credentials, rather than having to remember yet another username and password.
  5. Reduced IT Support Overhead: With SSO, your IT team won't need to spend time resetting forgotten passwords or managing separate user accounts for your LMS. This can significantly reduce the IT support burden associated with user access and account management.
  6. Integration with Microsoft Teams: Enabling SSO between WordPress and Microsoft Teams allows you to seamlessly integrate your LMS into the Microsoft Teams environment. Users can access courses, track progress, and engage with learning materials directly within Microsoft Teams, fostering a cohesive learning experience within the platform they already use for collaboration and communication.
  7. Compliance and Governance: Azure AD provides robust compliance and governance features that can be applied to your LMS. You can leverage Azure AD features like conditional access, multi-factor authentication, and auditing to ensure that your LMS aligns with your organization's security and compliance requirements.

By enabling SSO between WordPress and Microsoft Teams, you can create a more secure, user-friendly, and integrated learning experience for your employees, while also reducing the administrative overhead associated with user management and access control.

By this stage you will hopefully undestand why SSO between Teams and WordPress is a great idea, so now let's ahve a look how we set it all up (for free)! 

How to set-up SSO between WordPress and Microsoft Teams (Azure AD):

If you want to set this up it only takes a few minutes and the best part you can use completely free WordPress plug-in called WPO365.  

To follow along, click the video above or have a read of this article

At a high-level, here are the steps:

1. Setting Up Azure AD:

  • Register your WordPress site in the Azure AD portal as an application.
  • Generate the Application (Client) ID and Directory (Tenant) ID, which will be used in WPO365.

2. Installing WPO365 Plugin:

  • Install and activate the WPO365 plugin on your WordPress site.
  • Navigate to the WPO365 configuration settings in your WordPress dashboard.

3. Configuring WPO365 with Azure AD Details:

  • Enter the Application (Client) ID and Directory (Tenant) ID in the WPO365 settings.
  • Configure the necessary permissions and redirect URIs as guided by the WPO365 documentation.

4. Testing the SSO Integration:

  • Test the integration by attempting to log in to WordPress using your Microsoft 365 credentials.
  • Verify that the SSO is functioning correctly and that user accounts are being managed as expected.


Configuring SSO between WordPress and Microsoft 365 using WPO365 and Azure AD is a straightforward process that brings significant benefits to your organisation. It not only simplifies access for users but also leverages the security and reliability of Azure AD.

If you're following along with our LMS Series, in our upcoming posts, we will explore how to effectively set up courses, lessons, and assessments in Thrive Apprentice to create engaging and impactful learning experiences. Stay tuned for more insights on maximizing the potential of your WordPress-based LMS integrated with Microsoft 365.