Analyzing Learning with Thrive Apprentice Reporting

Thrive Apprentice has really good reports and the best bit, if you're using Single-Sign-on with Microsoft Teams then they're only a click away. The Reports are designed to offer valuable insights into your team's engagement with online courses. So if you want to focus on that "Health and Safety Course", we just built, it's simple to do so.

This guide will illustrate how to utilize various dashboards and reports, enabling you to monitor enrollment trends, progress, drop-off rates, and more, ensuring your staff is up-to-date with crucial safety protocols.

Accessing the 'Reports' Section

Begin by navigating to the 'Reports' section from your Thrive Apprentice dashboard. Upon your first visit, a prompt will inform you about the data migration process, essential for generating insightful reports.

thrive apprentice reporting dashboard

thrive apprentice reporting dashboard

Exploring the 'Reports' Dashboard

The 'Apprentice snapshot' offers a high-level overview of your online school's health, displaying graphs on course enrollments, progress, and completions. For a deeper dive, the 'Courses dashboard' presents detailed reports on course interactions.

Deep Dive into Course Data

By selecting the 'Courses dashboard,' you gain access to a wealth of specific reports, including course enrollments, completion rates, and lesson progress. Filtering options allow you to refine the data by course, member, or time period.

Tracking Course Enrollments

The course enrollments report provides insights into when members gain access to courses, tracking new enrollments and the associated products or courses.

Monitoring Course and Lesson Completion

Discover how your staff is progressing with their Health and Safety course. The course completion section highlights overall completion rates, while the lesson completions dashboard offers a lesson-by-lesson analysis.

Identifying Progress and Drop-Off Rates

Utilize the progress and drop-off rate reports to pinpoint lessons that may cause students to lose interest, helping you refine course content for better engagement.

Keeping Tabs on Engagements and New Members

The 'Engagements' dashboard reveals how active and engaged your learners are, while the 'New members' report tracks enrollment trends over time.

Discovering Popular Courses and Top Members

Identify your most popular Health and Safety courses by enrollment numbers, and recognize top members who have completed the most lessons across all courses.

Latest Activity and Exporting Reports

Stay updated with the latest user activity and utilize the export feature to download detailed reports for further analysis or record-keeping.

This comprehensive guide aims to empower you to leverage Thrive Apprentice's reporting capabilities to its fullest, ensuring your team is proficiently trained in Health and Safety protocols. With these tools at your disposal, you can effectively track progress, engage learners, and enhance your training programs for optimal outcomes.