How Intranet Insights 2024 Helped Shape & Build The Future Of Intranets!

Connor Deasey
May 1, 2024

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Intranet with Intranet Insights

This Year, Collab365 hosted the flagship event, Intranet Insights 2024, designed to revolutionize the way businesses utilize their intranets. We brought together industry leaders, technology pioneers, and intranet users to explore cutting-edge strategies and technologies that are setting new standards in intranet functionality and engagement.

It's not too late to benefit from Intranet Insights

Intranet Insights wasn't just a conference—it ended up being an interactive, fun and insightful resource that we really hope empowered teams and helped enhance their digital workplace. The goal was to help people create Intranets that were not just functional but optimized and inspiring. Here’s a look at the sessions our attendees enjoyed:

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What A Turnout!

Whilst Intranet Insights 2024 was comprehensive and packed with value, it also offered insight and the experience of others.  We hosted 7 informative and compelling sessions from a fantastic selection of speakers, and thousands of people tuned in to watch!

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Intranet Insights Keynote by Microsoft

Stayed Until The End

We pride ourselves on bringing the best and most engaging speakers onboard for our events. We know that sometimes it is hard to engage with training topics so at the fore front for people, it was important to be able to support questions, audience opinions and participation.  To add to that, the speakers and Collab365 Team were on hand throughout the entire event, answering burning questions, getting attendees involved and being part of the event... and there was no shortage of interaction on the day to help people stay switched on!

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100% Loved Our Conference

It's not too late to become part on the group! Have questions or need help constructing and organizing your SharePoint Intranet? Why not grab this On-Demand All Access Pass for this event as part of our Collab365 Academy!

Event Highlights

With almost 7 hours of content, it would be impossible to tell you every tip, trick and piece or experience shared at the event inside 1 blog post, but here is a summary of some of the popular topics discussed and shared at Intranet Insights 2024

Throughout the day speakers including Kelly Edinger surfaced SharePoint content we can all make use of today - such as news and events embedded directly into Microsoft Teams via Viva Connections (A powerful tool that works seamlessly across both platforms). 

We also learned about the best strategies for SharePoint Intranet Adoption from Eric Riz - an expert in his field. We learned that your SharePoint Intranet doesn't have to be an empty field but can thrive with interaction and engagement as your team get on board with the migration and common uses of SharePoint.

"Getting there with your team on board" is as important part of the process as the features you add. To share more on this topic, we had the pleasure of hearing from Gerry Brimacombe on 2 fantastic sessions - one of which stood out as he shared his first hand experience working with a client, showcasing the do's, don't and best practices on how he helped shape and build a successful intranet!

A Few Words From The Attendees!

Don't just take our word for it; here’s what some of the attendees had to say about the event:

"A vast amount of information to take on board - a lot to think about, a lot to implement"

"I booked off the entire day to attend this event and I wasn't disappointed, tonnes of tips & tricks that will help me shape my SharePoint Intranet"

"Been attending  Collab365 events for years! Thanks for putting on this conference, I appreciate the time and effort that goes in to putting on these shows and you and the speakers have helped show me the ropes"

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