Setting the Stage for Success: Best Practices for Managing Teams, SharePoint, and the Power Platform Without Creating Sprawl

Jon Manderville
February 21, 2024

Microsoft 365 is a pivotal piece of many organisations digital workspace. If offers tools like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and the Power Platform that promise to revolutionize the way organizations collaborate and operate. 

However, with great power comes great responsibility—the responsibility to avoid the dreaded sprawl that can result from unchecked adoption and usage. While there's no magic button to prevent this, adopting effective governance practices can set your organization up for success without stifling innovation.

Understanding the Foundations: Teams and SharePoint

Before diving into governance, it's crucial to understand that there's no one-size-fits-all solution. Best practices and strategies may echo familiar themes, but the emphasis on certain elements will vary depending on your organization's unique needs and culture.

The journey to effective governance begins with a deep dive into how users interact with Microsoft 365, particularly through the natural gateways into Microsoft365 tenants such as Teams and SharePoint. These platforms are not just tools but the very fabric of your digital workplace, making education and control vital to set the tone.

For those looking to master the art of setting up Teams and SharePoint successfully, the Collab365 Academy offers a number of invaluable resources.

Please Note: In order to access the links in this blog post, you will need to be logged into the Collab365 Academy. You will also need Platinum Membership or have purchased the workshops previously. 

Whether it's understanding Teams governance and adoption, building content into your Teams communication strategy, or becoming a SharePoint Power User, these guides offer a treasure trove of knowledge:

Setting Up Guardrails: The Need for Controlled Access and Security

Welcoming users through the doors of Teams and SharePoint with open arms is a great start. It fosters an environment ripe for collaboration and innovation. However, to ensure this openness doesn't lead to chaos, setting up guardrails is essential. These guardrails are not just about restricting access but about creating a secure, efficient digital workspace where creativity can flourish within safe boundaries.

A highly recommended starting point to explore the creation of such an environment is the "Secure Your Digital Workspace" workshop offered by Ben Stegink. This session provides insights into establishing a digital workspace that's both empowering and secure.

Navigating the Power Platform: Beyond Teams and SharePoint

As your organization's digital transformation journey progresses, the focus will inevitably shift towards creating applications and services using the Power Platform. This shift necessitates a different level of governance, one that balances innovation with control. Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) becomes a critical concept here, guiding how applications are developed, maintained, and retired.

For those new to ALM or seeking to enhance their Power Platform governance, the following resources are indispensable:

Collaborative Governance: A Shared Journey

Embarking on a governance strategy that involves imposing strict limits from the top down is likely to encounter resistance. Instead, fostering a culture where groups develop, challenge, and help embed governance practices can lead to more organic and effective adoption. This collaborative approach not only eases the integration of governance but also ensures that it evolves with the organization's changing needs.

While this post is largely signposting important content that we can offer in the Collab365 Academy, we also hope to inspire some deeper exploration and look forward to hearing about the challenges, gaps, successes and failures you have experienced in respect of this challenge.

Setting up for success with Teams, SharePoint, and the Power Platform is a journey of continuous learning and adaptation and we are no different. By leveraging educational resources, establishing guardrails, and fostering a collaborative governance culture with feedback loops, organizations can avoid sprawl and harness the full potential of their digital workspace. Remember, the goal is not to restrict but to empower—creating a secure, efficient, and innovative environment where your organization can thrive.

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