How To Quickly Tidy Up Tasks In Planner Using Power Automate

In today's fast-paced work environment, managing tasks efficiently is key to maintaining productivity.

If you're using Power Platform's Planner and finding that accumulating completed tasks are cluttering your view and slowing down the system, there's a smart solution waiting for you: Power Automate.

The Challenge: Overcrowded and Slow Task Boards

Many teams use Planner to move tasks from 'backlog' to 'doing' to 'complete'. But as tasks accumulate in the 'complete' column, it can turn into a cluttered mess, making searching for specific items a tedious affair. This buildup not only affects the board's organization but also its performance.

The Solution: Automating Task Archival or Deletion

Power Automate offers a simple yet effective way to manage this issue. You can set up a workflow to automatically archive or delete old tasks, clearing up the space and improving Planner's performance. This process involves:

  1. Setting Up a Trigger: Decide when the clean-up should occur, like weekly or monthly.
  2. Automating Task Management: Power Automate will:
    • Retrieve all tasks from Planner.
    • Check each task's completion status.
    • Remove tasks that are 100% complete and meet the specified time criteria (e.g., tasks completed before yesterday).

Practical Example

Imagine running this automated task every weekday. The system will check for tasks completed before a certain benchmark time (like 28 days ago) and automatically deletes them. This not only saves time but also ensures your Planner board remains organized and efficient.

The Result

After running this automated workflow I show in the video above, you'll notice a significant improvement if you have a large accumulation of 'Complete' items. You can tweak the process to move tasks to an archive vey easily as well. 

The clutter of completed tasks will be gone, and your Planner will run more smoothly. This automation empowers you to focus on current tasks without worrying about manual clean-up.

By integrating Power Automate into your workflow, you can significantly enhance team efficiency and Planner performance. It's a simple yet powerful tool to keep your task management streamlined and focussed. 

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